Choosing The Perfect Necklace Length

Choosing The Perfect Necklace Length
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Choosing The Perfect Necklace Length

The Long and Short of it

Do you have a go-to necklace? Something in your jewelry collection that you wear day in and day out? It could be that it’s a sentimental piece and that is why you repeatedly reach for it. Or it could just be force of habit that makes you choose the same necklace to wear so often. It is also more than likely that your favorite necklace happens to be the perfect length for your body type and wardrobe. To learn more about necklace lengths and how to wear them, keep reading.

14”- Collar

The collar style necklace is meant to fit tightly around the neck. It looks best with open-neck clothing like V-necks, off-the-shoulder and boatneck styles. This design is perfect for someone with a long, thin neck. If you have a short neck, you may want to avoid a collar necklace as it can make your neck appear wide and stocky.

16”- Choker

A choker should fit tightly against the base of the throat. Almost any open neckline blouse works with this style. Turtleneck shirts would be best avoided. As with the collar style, a choker looks great on a swan neck.

18”- Princess

The versatile princess style necklace works well with almost anything in your wardrobe. Resting on the collarbone, this length looks great on most women.

20 to 24”- Matinee

However, for women with a shorter neck or round face, a matinee may be an even more flattering look than the princess. A 20 to 24” chain with a pendant or charm will create a slimming “V” effect. This complimentary length pairs well with both business and casual wear.

28 to 36”- Opera

An opera length necklace sits on the bust or an inch or two below. This longer style looks great with high necklines and evening wear.

36 to 42”- Rope

A rope necklace wraps to sit on or just below the center of the bust. This style is the perfect accent piece for dressy business attire or evening wear. Shorter women may have difficulty pulling off the longer lengths of the opera and rope styles and should consider staying with shorter chains that rest at the collarbone or just below.

The bottom line is that you should keep a variety of necklace lengths in your jewelry box so that you can accessorize every style in your wardrobe. Most of the necklaces at Limoges Jewelry have chains that include extenders for easy length flexibility. And wear what look good on you!