Class Ring Lost And Found

Class Ring Lost And Found
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Lost At Sea

We came across a heartwarming story about a Michigan man reunited with a ring he lost while vacationing in Mexico. These stories pop up in the news occasionally and are usually about a recovered wedding ring that went missing under peculiar circumstances. What caught our attention at Limoges Jewelry, is that the ring in this incredible tale is about a lost class ring.

The vacationing man was snorkeling in the Gulf of Mexico when his college class ring slipped off his finger and disappeared in the water. Days later, a snorkeler swimming in the same spot discovered the ring. Because, as class rings often are, the ring was personalized with its owner's name and school attended, the ring rescuer was able to track down the owner through social media.

The gentleman was obviously surprised and thrilled to get his beloved school ring back. He wears it always on his right hand and his wedding ring on his left, never taking either off. As the wedding ring symbolizes love, the class ring represents the hard work that goes into obtaining a college degree. It had been a gift to himself when he graduated.

Class rings are a treasured keepsake for many people. A physical link to the memories of their school days. At Limoges Jewelry, we love helping students create their perfect class ring to wear always.
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