Religious Jewelry

Religious Jewelry
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Express Your Faith

Religion and jewelry have a long history. For centuries people of faith have worn crosses, medallions, the Star of David and other symbols to express their beliefs. Even those who do not usually adorn themselves with jewelry may wear a religious memento as a sign of their devotion.

With spring on its way (hopefully) many popular occasions to give religious jewelry as a gift will come up. Easter, First Communion and confirmation are all perfect opportunities to gift someone special with a cross pendant or other faith inspired design. Let’s take a look at some of the beautiful options Limoges Jewelry is featuring for the season.


These cross designs are fairly classic, but also include an infinity shape and sideways cross. What’s really special about these pendants, and most of Limoges’ designs, is that they can be personalized with a name to create an extra meaningful gift. Any of these necklaces would be lovely for Easter or confirmation.


If your recipient has a more modern style, one of these designs may be perfect for them. There’s a cross with a clear back that creates a chic 3-D look, or a pendant that works a scripted name into the bottom half of a cross for a unique, eye-catching piece.


Cluster necklaces are fun because they can express more than the wearer’s faith. Several charms dangling on a chain together can provide a name, birth month or other special stats. You may want to pick up one of these cute necklaces for yourself this spring!


For any special guys on your gift list, we have some masculine designs. There is a thick, two-tone cross on a bead chain, as well as a cross with a black carbon inlay. Both of these styles feature an engraved name on the back providing a clean, masculine look he will love!

First Communion

Here are a couple of precious selections for a special first communicant. Both display petite crosses and personalized discs inscribed with “My First Communion”.

The Younger Set

These youthful options would make ideal confirmation or graduation gifts. A sweet bracelet with a delicate cross charm, birthstone and nameplate is perfect for a tween girl. Limoges also offers a cluster necklace with a shorter chain intended for a younger wearer.


Maybe rings are more your thing! Here are some pretty cross rings, a few including birthstones. These would make a lovely birthday gift for a Christian faith person.

Star of David

What better way to celebrate her Bat Mitzvah than with a Star of David pendant? Limoges offers layered styles and cluster necklaces featuring this symbol of the Jewish faith. These necklaces also make great graduation or birthday gifts.

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