Sunflowers for Ukraine

Sunflowers for Ukraine
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Sunflowers have been popping up all over as a show of support for the Ukrainian people while their country is under attack. Everyone from First Lady Jill Biden to film actress Caitriona Balfe have been seen sporting the golden flower as a sign of solidarity with Ukraine. Why the sunflower?


North America is tied to Ukraine through the Sunflower. The national flower of Ukraine is not native to Europe, rather it was originally cultivated in North America around 3000 BC. Early explorers of North America brought the sunflower back to Europe in the 1500s and the sturdy plant thrived in the regions of Ukraine. The sunflower’s popularity in Ukraine exploded in the 1800’s when sunflower oil became widely used as a substitute for butter which was restricted by the Orthodox Church during lent. Today Ukraine is the largest exporter of sunflower oil and sunflower seeds with the sunflower becoming the country’s national flower.


Ukraine’s love for the sunflower is evident in their culture. The flower is abundant in gardens, fashioned into wreaths that young girls wear in their hair, and is featured prominently in Ukrainian artwork.


The structure of the sunflower itself makes it a perfect symbol for troubled times. The dark center represents sadness and the yellow petals the hope for happiness. In Ukraine the sunflower is often paired with a blue flower or wrapped in a blue ribbon to symbolize the colors of the flag, yellow and blue.


A beautiful way to show our solidarity with Ukraine is to wear a sunflower. It’s something we can all do. Wearing sunflower jewelry is a simple and lovely expression of support for the brave people of Ukraine.

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