The Perfect Jewelry for The Clean Girl Look

The Perfect Jewelry for The Clean Girl Look
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The Perfect Jewelry for The Clean Girl Look

The Perfect Jewelry for The Clean Girl Look

Although it first arrived on the social media scene more than a year ago, the Clean Girl Aesthetic shows no signs of slowing down. Trending all over TikTok and YouTube, the much-sought-after look emphasizes fresh, glowing skin with minimal makeup, hair slicked back in a bun or pony, a wardrobe made up of neutral colors and natural fibers and accessories like slim sunglasses and oversized tote bags. The goal is to appear effortlessly put together.

If you are hoping to achieve this minimalist, sophisticated vibe, you’ll need the perfect jewelry to pair with your new style. Limoges Jewelry has you covered with some stylish options to help you create your Clean Girl look.

14K Gold Plated Fashion Hoop Set - Gold hoops are an essential of the Clean Girl Aesthetic. They perfectly accent the requisite slicked-back hair. This versatile earring set includes six pairs of gold hoops for a fresh look daily.

14K Gold over Sterling Engraved Monogram Disc Earrings – A simple pair of studs also lends itself to the chic and sophisticated Clean Girl look. The monogram on this pair of disc earrings adds an extra bit of elegance.

Dainty Initial Paperclip Chain Necklace – A petite initial charm dangling from an on-trend paperclip chain is an ideal accent for this minimalist look.

Script Name Cuff Bracelet – The slim design of this cuff name bracelet makes it the perfect accessory for the Clean Girl style.

Maybe the Clean Girl Aesthetic isn’t for you. Another popular trend that is almost the opposite of Clean Girl is the Marinated Makeup look. This vibe is edgy and features heavy eye makeup and dark lipstick. You’re going for messy and undone, as if you slept in your makeup, therefore the term “marinated”.

Other staples of the Marinated Makeup look are loose hair in unkempt curls and unstructured clothing like baggy jeans and graphic tees. Truly an homage to 90’s Grunge, this style is all about accessing your inner rock goddess. Unlike the minimalist gold jewelry of the Clean Girl look, Marinated Makeup pairs well with heavy silver jewelry.

Gothic Look Name Necklace – This name pendant in an Old English font on a chunky silver chain is perfect for accentuating your Marinated Makeup look.

Old English Initial on Translucent Plaque Necklace – Create an edgy vibe with this cool initial plaque necklace. This design will pair well with your concert tees and flannel shirts.

Name Crawler Button with Ear Cuff and Chain Earring – Take the bold rocker look up a notch with these dangling chain ear cuffs!

Whether you’re going for a look that is marinated, clean or somewhere in between, you are sure to find fashionable designs you’ll love at Limoges Jewelry!