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Promise Rings
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Promise Rings

Promise Rings: Not Just a Romantic Notion

Promise rings are a beautiful and powerful symbol of commitment. Whether representing a romantic relationship, bond of friendship, devotion to a family member or even a pledge to oneself, a promise ring is a visible, everyday reminder of your dedication.

For Couples

Although there can be many reasons to wear a promise ring, a committed, romantic relationship is the most common. Often, a promise ring is given as a prelude to an engagement ring. A couple may be too young or not ready for engagement, so a promise ring is the perfect way for them to express that they are in an exclusive, intimate relationship. Usually, the guy gives his girl a ring, but both men and women can wear promise rings.

Hearts, birthstones and infinity symbols are popular choices for promise ring designs. Limoges Jewelry offers a number of rings that can be personalized with a couple’s names. A promise ring is typically worn on the ring finger of the left hand. If a couple becomes engaged, the promise ring can be moved to another finger, stacked with the engagement ring or worn on a chain around the neck.

Sterling Silver Engraved Double Heart Birthstone Ring

Sterling Silver Genuine White Topaz & Diamond Engraved Promise Ring


Many BFFs like to celebrate their friendship with promise rings. Matching rings are a good choice or perhaps cutout name rings personalized with each friend’s name. This can be a lovely token of the support and acceptance given to each other.

Cutout Name Ring

Family Ties

Promise rings can be a special way to connect a new blended family. A new stepparent can give children a promise ring as a symbol of their commitment to the newly created family. Siblings or other relatives may choose to wear promise rings that link them even when they are far apart. They serve as a physical reminder that you are part of a larger group that loves and accepts you.

Sterling Silver Sister's Engraved Sentiment Ring

14K Gold over Sterling Forever My Daughter Birthstone Ring

On Your own

Making a commitment to yourself can be just as important as vows you make to others. Beginning a healthier lifestyle or quitting a bad habit are popular self-improvement goals. A promise ring can serve as a positive daily reminder to hold yourself accountable to your self-made promises.

STRONGER 14K Gold Plated Birthstone Empowerment Ring