Vow & Forever Bridal Collection

Vow & Forever Bridal Collection
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Vow & Forever Bridal Collection

Limoges Jewelry introduces the Vow & Forever Bridal Collection.

The Vow & Forever collection was designed with you in mind. Our collection includes Sterling Silver, 14K Gold over Sterling Silver and 14K Rose Gold over Sterling Silver. The stones are White Topaz with Diamond Accents. The stones are Brilliant, Marquise, Pear and Emerald Cut. Each style has a prong setting. White Topaz is 8 out of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale making it an exceptional substitute for a diamond which is much more expensive. It is a growing trend to select diamond alternatives when picking out a wedding band set.

The Brilliant cut shape is classic for a reason as it represents wealth, elegance and tradition. It is for the girl that likes to dazzle and glitter. It is a sleek look that never ages.

The Marquis shape can maximize the look of the stone size and symbolizes a strong personality with a sharp sense of her own style. Someone who enjoys glamour and is creative. Its oval shape that meets in the pointed ends creates an illusion and is the ultimate in elegance.

Pears are show- stopper rings that shine brightly like no other style. The Pear-shaped ring is also known as a teardrop and is popular for its sliming effect on the finger. It is a very classy and favored choice. The Pear-shaped stone is unique and is for the independent and stylish girl who is a strong- willed adventure seeker.

Emerald-Cut stone with rectangular facets creates a unique optical appearance and is suited for the woman with discerning taste – classy, edgy, elegant and refined. This open style symbolizes an open heart and personal clarity matched by strong self-worth and assurance. The woman who wears this ring is strong and bold.

Halo Style rings are eye-catching rings that shine brightly like no other style. The Halo ring is made out of a circle of small gemstones that surround the middle stone. The style makes the middle stone appear larger offering brilliance and glitter. It is perfect for the girl that is confident, elegant and loves to shine.

With increases in travel home or abroad, these sets are being purchased to wear for travel and events. Brides who don’t want to worry about their diamond ring being lost or damaged love purchasing these genuine stone alternatives as they still want to show they are engaged or married. Vow & Forever rings make affordable travel jewelry.

Another unique feature of the Vow & Forever collection is the personalization options. Besides the traditional engraving on the inside band, many of these designs allow for the bride and groom's names to be added to the visible, outer portion of the ring. Whether a couple is shopping for the perfect rings for their wedding day or seeking a backup set for travel and work, the Vow & Forever collection from Limoges Jewelry offers a beautiful selection

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